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30-Gallon Universal Spill Kit for all types of oil and petrochemicals/gasoline/diesel. For bulk orders (5 + Kits), please contact us to obtain bulk pricing and shipping rates.

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30-Gallon Universal Spill Response Kits

The 30-Gallon Universal Spill Response Kit has been developed to ensure a prompt response to small to medium sized spills of oil (all types), gasoline, diesel, and petrochemicals. We are able to customize the spill kits for your specific needs. The 30-Gallon Spill Kit comes in a special airtight container, to ensure that the absorbent pads and powders remain dry and ready for use. The container can then be used to dispose of the waste.


25 x Absorbent Pads

3 x Absorbent Socks

3 x Absorbent Pillows

1 x Safety Goggles

1x Pair of Nitrile Safety Gloves

3 Disposal Bag

1 x Collapsible Shovel

1 x “How to Deal with a Spill’ Handbook

1 x  Large Bag of Absorbent Powder


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