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M & M Emergency Response and Environmental Services have tailored our emergency response 5-Gallon Spill Cleanup Kit for use on small volume spills and to provide immediate relief for large scale spills until a professional service can arrive. We also offer a vehicle spill kit which is contained within a small travel pack for easy vehicle storage. For bulk orders (5 + Kits), please contact us to obtain bulk pricing and shipping rates.

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5-Gallon Spill Response Kit

Our 5-Gallon Spill Response Kits are developed so that a prompt response and clean up may be performed on small scale fuel spills, or for use on larger spills as a mitigation measure until professional help can arrive. For easy storage, we have packed the spills supplies into a 5-gallon airtight container for ease of storage and for ease of disposal after absorbent items have been used. 

10 x absorbent pads

2 x 3” x 4’ sock booms

1 x pair of safety  goggles

1 x pair safety gloves

1 x bag absorbent pellets

1 x trash liner


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