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M & M’s 55-Gallon Universal Spill Response Kit is ideal to cleanup petrochemicals, oil (all types), gasoline, and diesel spills. Developed to use by gas stations to mitigate the effects of medium sized fuel spills, or it can be used as the first line of containment in a major spill. For bulk orders (5 + Kits), please contact us to obtain bulk pricing and shipping rates.

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55-Gallon Universal Spill Response Kit

M & M’s 55-Gallon Spill Kit has been designed for the cleanup of oil (all types), petrochemicals, gasoline, and diesel. The absorbent pads and powders contained within the airtight drum is adequate  to clean up most medium sized gas station fuel and oil spills, or it can be used as the first line of containment for much larger spills prior to professional help arriving. To assist with the easy disposal of waste generated from cleaning up the spill, the 55-Gallon Drum can be used to contain the waste until collection or disposal by an approved contractor. 


1 x Bundle General Sock – Cellulose – 6” x 8’
12 x General Sock – cellulose – 3” x 4’
2 x Pairs of Safety Goggles
4 x Absorbent Pillows
2 x Packs (approx. 50) Universal Absorbent Pads
1 x Drum Liner 55-Gallon
2 x Pairs of Nitrile Safety Gloves
1 x Hazardous Waste Labels
1 Non-Sparking Shovel (with collapsible handle)
2 x 50-lbs Bag of Absorb-All
1 x Spill Control and Cleanup Handbook.


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